Podcasts From TCCC


Podcasting is a method of publishing files via the Internet. Podcasting allowing you to subscribe to an Internet feed which enables you to receive the sermons/messages preached at the Tri-County Christian Center, over the internet, every time a new message is posted.

MP3 PlayerContrary to popular belief, and even though the name implies the requirement of an iPod, you actually "Do Not Need" an iPod to subscribe to podcasts. All you need is a computer, some software, and an internet connection.


Tri-County Christian Center is making this podcast available to help you get the sermons/messages as soon as they are made available.  This podcast is the quickest and easiest way to get these messages and they are FREE!


STEP 1: iTunes
The first step in getting your podcast subscription to "Tri-County Christian Center" is to download and install the latest version of iTunes from Apple.com. There are both PC and Mac versions available for free.

 Download iTunes Now

STEP 2: SUBSCRIPTION Next, subscribe to our podcast by clicking [HERE], this will open our iTunes web page and take you to our FREE podcasts.

Podcasts - View in iTunes - Tri-County Christian Center, Deer Park, WA

Once there click "View In iTunes" to start iTunes. This will take you to the subscription page..

Podcasts - View in iTunes - Tri-County Christian Center, Deer Park, WA 

As soon as you've successfully subscribed, the latest message will automatically begin downloading and you will see the previous messages listed (but grayed out). Please allow some time for the download, since the file size can be large depending on sermon length.

If you'd like to download previous messages, simply hit the Podcast Sermons Download button next to their name.


Once the download has completed you can listen straight from your computer, download to your iPod2, or burn to a CD.

NOTE: Before syncing with your iPod, you must ensure you have the latest iPod software installed on the iPod. Visit Apple's software download page to get it. This makes it so your iPod can transfer and understand the podcast and list it correctly. Follow all the instructions given to update and install the software on your iPod.