26 Mar. 2019


Do We Want Revival?

Larry Lane



One of the most spiritually provoking videos the Sentinel Group has produced is the promotional clip for the Journey to Transformation. If you have not viewed it, you can do so by clicking here.



It is visually arresting, but the audio clips of various speakers are what bring the viewer to hushed stillness. I do not exaggerate. I have shown this clip to hundreds of people, and the reaction is almost universal - at the conclusion, people sit in stunned silence.


Perhaps the most commented-on sound bite in the video is this question by Stuart McAlpine: “What if what we really need is, in fact, way more than what we actually desire?”



The context is, of course, transforming revival. The contrast is between the human need in society, the immense potential in a spiritual awakening to remedy that need, and our paltry longings.


C.S. Lewis phrased it this way, “It would seem that our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures . . .”


We talk much about revival, pray some for it, but see little in actuality. Leonard Ravenhill claimed, “If you can live without revival, you will.” We can . . . and we do.


Where does that leave us? One cannot work up more desire. Faking it is foolish.


Historically, desire among believers for revival and awakening has been stimulated by going to a place in the throws of revival or, at least, listening to the stories of God’s invading presence in a particular area. That is what makes Hope at the Crossroads both unique and critical. People who have witnessed God’s reviving activity will share first-hand reports and stories. We need this fuel to increase our longing for God to revive the churches in our own towns and cities. 


The great Church reformer, John Knox, cried,


“Give me Scotland, or I die!”



When our desire rises to the level of the need, this will be our cry,


“Give me revival, or I die!”



If you are concerned for our society, are burdened for the church, have prayed for revival... I cannot urge you enough to attend Hope at the Crossroads. We need to increase our desire.




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