Christmas For Acuña Mexico Children

Ps. Jaun and Famil - Acuna MexicoPastor Juan Guillen has been pastoring in Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico for over 30 years. (Acuña is a border town across from Del Rio, Texas)  He and Anna were married over 23 years ago and have three children, Jonathan, Priscilla, and Victoria.  They currently pastor a congregation of about 200 people.

The Lord has given Pastor Juan tremendous influence in the community as they reach out to their neighbors and bring the love of God wherever they go. He has served in many ways. Currently, he is representing all the pastors in Acuña in the mayor’s office and is the city’s contact with the governor of Coahuila. He is also President of the Pastor’s Association for Acuña and neighboring towns. The people of Centro de Avivamiento have helped the community whenever there is a need, such as hurricane that cause severe flooding in the area. This is a church alive and moving just like TCCC.

[Click] to view pictureFor the past 23 plus years, Pastor Juan, Anna and the Centro de Avivamiento have given Christmas gifts to the children of the city.  For many of these children, these are the only gifts they will receive.  Because of the response from generous saints in America, last year, they were blessed to be able to give many gifts and soccer balls to the children in the community.  The gifts are really a special way of showing God’s love at a time when it can’t be mistaken.  The adults always ask “Why do you do it, why do you give away gifts?”  Throughout the year, this small act of love has opened doors for them to share the love of Jesus and even minister to the families of children who received a gift and who find it hard to believe that anyone cares.

Pastor Juan and Anna are aware of the continued needs right now in America, but they are hoping that people will reach out, once again, to the children of Mexico.  As you may imagine, with yet another hurricane that brought devastation, the need is even greater this year.

Christmas Gifts for Acuna MexicoOur change from shoe box gifts to sending them money has made things so much easier for them. That way they can purchase more and have “just the right mix” of gifts for the children. It also meant that we could send them additional money because we didn’t have to pay shipping. It was, once again, a tremendous success!

We will be taking a special offering on the 1st Sunday in December, (December 2nd). Please help us make this another year of blessing for the children of Acuña.

Questions ???? Contact Oradee Nunes, through the church, at 509.276.5484